The Wonderful Worlds of Studio Ghibli

I wrote an introduction to the incredible Studio Ghibli for Oscar winning animation director Brenda Chapman (Brave, The Prince of Egypt).

If you, on a whim, decided to watch all of Studio Ghibli’s feature films in a row, you’d find yourself on quite the cinematic journey. You’d travel through toxic jungles, flying houses and underwater kingdoms, as well as confront the bleak realities of war-torn Japan. You’d see pigs going to war, raccoons transforming into people and, of course, an encounter with the great fluffy beast better known as Totoro.

Japan’s powerhouse animation studio is remarkable for its astonishingly consistent catalogue of film titles which, while retaining the Ghibli spirit, display diversity and creativity within each of its entries. If you haven’t yet entered into the worlds of Studio Ghibli, I’m here to do my part in convincing you to take the leap.

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