The Tale of Princess Kaguya

I wrote about The Tale of Princess Kaguya for Product Magazine

Last year, Studio Ghibli revealed that they didn’t know what was next for them, with rumours of closure thrown around but never confirmed. Hayao Miyazaki, their most famous figure, retired from feature film making and the studio suggested they were wrapping up production, with nothing else in the pipeline. Two films were left to release from their catalogue before a foggy future awaited, the as yet unreleased When Marnie Was There, and this, the possible last film of co-founder Isao Takahata. There’s a sense of wistfulness, of the passing of time and of the new invading the old that runs throughout The Tale of Princess Kaguya, a lament that good things must come to an end, and so Takata’s masterful animation is shot through with melancholic undertones for those who follow the fate of the studio.

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