Sylvain Chomet Interview

My interview with acclaimed animator Sylvain Chomet, for his first live action film Attila Marcel, was published on Grolsch Film Works.

Sylvain Chomet is a director known for his wordless, bizarre and beautiful animations Belleville Rendez-Vous and The Illusionist. His latest film, Attila Marcel, is his first live-action feature, but contains many of the hallmarks of his earlier work, featuring silent characters, absurd imagery and a slightly macabre sense of humour. I met up with the talkative director to talk about the transition from animation to live-action, and whether Attila Marcel is all that different from the rest of his work.

GFW: Attila Marcel is your first live-action feature. Did you choose to do live-action because of the lengthy production time that goes into animation?
Sylvain Chomet: I would never have done Attila Marcel in animation because I wanted lots of dialogue and I wanted to work with the actors. There are things you can’t do in animation. I mean, the eyes of Guillaume Gouix [who plays Paul, the main role], the way it plays… animation can’t do that. That’s why I really wanted to do live-action – all the human things you can bring.

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