Steve Jobs Review

I wrote about the new drama for my Think Theology column.

Sorkin’s film, directed by Danny Boyle, is a league ahead of most biopics. Where many try to plod through the events of a man’s life, this condenses conflicts with fellow Apple staff-members, the progress of technology over 14 years and Jobs’ role as a father into three acts, each set before a product launch. The idea that all of the people who have serious issues with Jobs would turn up at the same time before the next leap in technology is announced is, evidently, a fanciful one. This, however, is a drama, not a documentary, andSteve Jobs is theatrical and grandstanding without ever claiming to tell the whole story. We learn everything we need to without actually having to see many of the events play out, and the result is something far leaner and with a much greater dramatic impact than many a biopic.

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