Sophia Jansson Interview

I interviewed the Moomins Mogul Sophia Jansson about Moomins on the Riviera, for Film Divider.

Film Divider: You said five years ago in The Guardian that you do sometimes get a little irritated with the Moomins, and that would like a life outside of Moomin Valley. How are you feeling about the Moomins today?

Sophia Jansson: Is it alright if I call it a love/hate relationship? Of course I do it as my job on a daily basis, so I mean I would be stupid if I didn’t like it, because I could do something else. What I like most about working with the Moomins today is that we’re in an extremely dynamic phase at the moment. It makes it all the more fun, because you can do – if you really put your mind to it – such wonderful things with a classic old brand, if you try and do it with your heart and soul and mind. So it’s been quite rewarding lately.

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