Shaun the Sheep Review

I reviewed Shaun the Sheep for

Is there an institution more British than Aardman? The royalty doesn’t quite claim that title, because the claymation studio responsible for Wallace and Gromit has a much broader appeal, delighting people of every generation and class, and somehow representing them as well, in a strange kind of way. Their latest hero, Shaun, was a secondary character in A Close Shave, but was so beloved that he ended up with his own popular TV show – itself spawning Timmy Time, for the younger kids. Shaun the Sheep the Movie is a spin-off from their flagship series. This isn’t a cynical cash-in, though, as there isn’t a cynical bone in the studio’s body. Aardman has a sunny outlook, the sharpest of wits and a genial, affable nature that feels a little like drinking a cup of tea while watching reruns of Porridge.

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