Monsters University Interview

I interviewed Pixar animator Scott Clark before the release of Monsters University

The first thing you notice about Scott Clark, Pixar veteran and the supervising animator on the animation house’s latest, Monsters University, is his hat. Sitting comfortably on the genial American’s head is a faded blue, dog-eared cap with MU emblazoned across the front. This isn’t any old merchandise to be flogged to kids wanting to boast membership of Mike Wazowski and James P. ‘Sulley’ Sullivan’s alma mater, though. A closer inspection reveals the cloth on the peak is torn in exactly the same spot as Mike’s is when he first goes to the titular educational establishment. It’s a live action replica of an animated prop. This is the kind of love for their craft and attention to detail that has characterised Pixar’s work ever since Toy Story, and the sight of it still there on the animator’s head after a full day of interviews with journalists at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where Monsters University is having its UK premiere, is a wonderful symbol of pride he feel for the project.

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