Miguel Gomes Interview

One of my recent posts for VODzilla was an interview with Miguel Gomes, director of the Arabian Nights trilogy.

Interview: Miguel Gomes talks Arabian Nights

What was the inspiration behind adapting a Middle Eastern set of stories to comment on modern day Portugal?

Well, it was the idea that I should show things about what was happening in my country, the social and economic crises. But I also like to tell stories, not only show things but also tell stories. For me, Arabian Nights is like the Bible of storytelling. So, it’s a very particular kind of storytelling. Arabian Nights is pretty wild and what was happening in Portuguese society was also very extreme. The real stories that people were living, the situations they were facing, were also very extreme. And so both things came together and I thought I would need the help of Queen Scheherazade to help me to tell the stories about my country.

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