Makoto Shinkai and Scotland Loves Anime 2016

I wrote a feature on the acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai for cultural magazine The Skinny, ahead of Scotland Loves Anime.

Your Name

One of the most common epithets given to Japanese director Makoto Shinkai is ‘the next Miyazaki.’ As the Ghibli co-founder puts down his paintbrush, the search for his spiritual successor takes on a new urgency for anyone seeking mature, wonder-inducing anime that it’s OK for the ‘serious cinephile’ to enjoy. The comparison is a trite one, however, as the two directors share only a few things in common: they both work in animation; they are both Japanese; they are both masters of their medium. That’s where the comparisons end, however, as Shinkai’s preoccupations and style feels a world away from Miyazaki.

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