Ealing Blu-Ray Boxset Review

I reviewed the latest boxset of Ealing films for Front Row Reviews. For more DVD and Blu-Ray reviews by me, including Cria Cuervos, Mundane History and The Adventures of Prince Ahmed, visit the site.

If anyone were to create an argument about whether America or Britain has produced the best comedy in cinema, the case for the States would be a strong one:Airplane, Hal Ashby, Woody Allen and, erm, Hot Rod, would fly the Stars and Stripes proudly. Any argument you may form in this hypothetical, pointless discussion to claim the US has made the best comedy, however, could be undone by one word: Ealing. Before even mentioning the Cornetto films, Monty Python orLesbian Vampire Killers, the studio responsible for this delightful trio of films (Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Lavender Hill Mob and The Man in the White Suit) would surely lead the charge for the UK. Not only because the films are hilarious, satirical and dark, but because they are also so very, very British.

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