Down the Rabbit Hole

My animation column at Product Magazine continues. This one was about Disney’s live action updates.

Disney’s live action update of Cinderella has recently been released on home entertainment, the latest film in a long line from the House of Mouse where they update their animated classics to live action versions. A lot of people forget that this trend started with 101 Dalmatians, but really it took Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland to launch the latest craze. That film broke the hallowed billion-dollar mark, and since then Disney have been digging into their vaults to find other properties they can adapt. Snow White and the Huntsman was followed by Maleficent which led to this year’s Cinderella. Fans can look forward to future releases of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Dumbo and the Jungle Book, with presumably more to be announced. We are surely days away from a live action Lion King.

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