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I write regularly for VODzilla, a website that specialises in writing about films and television available via streaming. You can read my work here. Recently I wrote about A Series of Unfortunate Events, a new TV series from Netflix.

Netflix UK TV review: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Stop reading this review. It’s only here to talk about a new Netflix show that you really shouldn’t watch, not unless you want to have an utterly horrible time watching something grimly inventive with an utterly macabre sense of humour. Perhaps you enjoy watching a hammy actor trying to access the fortune of three fiendishly intelligent children. Maybe you like laughing at hilariously exaggerated misery and production design that oozes gothic gloom. Yet this is a most upsetting tale and this review will only compound the misery by detailing the various ways in which the Baudelaire orphans suffer, so only read on if you are prepared to hear stories of frightful villainy and violence against some rather remarkable children.

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