I reviewed David Mitchell’s new novel, Slade House, for fun.

Slade House // David Mitchell // Review | Smithellania

Mitchell’s signature style – weaving multiple narratives into one arc – is at its most coherent here, each section recognisably building on the last. The author’s trick in Slade House, however, is to seemingly repeat the same plot beats each time, only with different characters. He creates rules within his worlds, everything has to follow these patterns he creates. Such rules are, as per usual, drip-fed to the reader, so what starts as obscure and alienating soon emerges into clarity – think of how The Bone Clocks didn’t make total sense until the penultimate section. As Slade House is a horror novella, the more you find out, the more horrifying the world and its rules become. The reader ends up in the same position as the characters, trapped in the vicious cycles of Slade House, desperately seeking some kind of escape.

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